Easter Seals Bay Area (ESBA) approached Grossman Marketing to create a poster along with some branding for their annual Food Wine & Beer Holiday Festival. After some thought and idea exploration my concept was to create a lockup logo with the quick hand-written forms of the typeface Auto and use that to encapsulate the holiday event and the human hand that helps. (ESBA helps people of any age with disabilities.) Tying in the colors of red and a screened back blue helped solidify the event's time frame without being predominantly Christmas themed. The other typeface chosen to support Auto in areas of heavier text is Jackson Cavanaugh's, quite awesome, Harriet Text. It also helped increase the branding to a more illustrious level, especially with the contextual ligatures and italics for their 20th annual event. The event's page can be seen at https://support.esba.org/danville/events/2016-easter-seals-bay-area-holiday-food-wine-beer-festival/e89505