Further work in progress on the wedge serif. I have made some nice progress on this, currently having numerals, punctuation some extended latin characters and started developing the bold which is coming along in tandem. Here is a screen shot of the regular weight...

A new design I am currently working on by myself. My goal is a to create a typeface that is correct in thick and thin weight placement and proportions that are comfortable for reading in extended text settings. Categorically speaking, this would be considered a contemporary serif with it's wedge shape serifs and calligraphic forms.

A bodoni design, I call Joedoni in magazine layout mock-up. I've been working on this design for the last couple of months and have created 4 weights: thin, regular, bold and black, which is the style used below. The lesson with designing this style of typeface is to get all of the thin and thick strokes consistent from one letter to the next, create smooth curves and learn spacing for a display face. For now this design is finished until possibly re-visiting in the future where italics could also be added.

Below is a look at a humanist wedge serif design I am currently working on. It grew out of another wedge serif design I am also working on. They are in the very early stages but thanks to my type design mentor, Diana Ovezea!

I've been really interested in typography and type design the past couple years. As a result of my interest, I've been working on this design below. It started out a basic humanist sans, but have been growing to really appreciate grotesque faces with a flair of calligraphy, much like Bureau Grot designed by David Berlow and others at The Font Bureau. There are a still some weaknesses to this design, but feel that it is a good start and hope to continue working on it and expanding the face to multiple weights. If you are interested in seeing it for yourself I would be glad to send you the OTF for both weights seen below.